Our family has become active advocates for living a balanced and holistic lifestyle. Our goal is to share our knowledge and research to guide humankind to a more organic way of living. Our purpose is to lead you to a harmonized world inside and outside yourself; in hope, that you will then influence and guide those around you.  

The Path That Lead Us

Steven Rankin grew up in Georgia and was a sheriff deputy in Cordele, when his life path took a dramatic shift. In February of 2006, on a routine traffic stop at 2am, Steven was shot point blank in the face after approaching a vehicle to tell him to turn down his music. The bullet entered through his mouth and was stopped when it hit his spine. The emergency room doctors decided not to remove the bullet. It stayed lodged in his neck for 4 years after destroying the right side of his jaw and fracturing the C1 vertebrae. The bullet leaked lead into his spine and major health problems started to arise. Over a year of effort in trying to get medical doctors and hospitals to check the bullet and his body for lead poisoning, he was told a bullet cannot make you sick and they persisted on tests for leukemia. Steven was a personal trainer at Lifetime Fitness during this time and, soon after we met, he became severely ill. Losing 26 pounds in one week, I watched him diminish before my eyes. We had reached a turning point when Brenda Hafer, an I-ACT certified colon hydrotherapist, came into our lives. Steven was Brenda's personal trainer and she knew he needed help fast. With her guidance, we were lead down a path of natural health and healingShe suggested alternative therapies: colon hydrotherapy, probiotics, and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). These were the only treatments that finally offered him comfort and eased his pain immediately. Acupuncturist, Dr. Susan Russell, offered her services to Steven and it was astonishing at how fast he began to heal. We began routine acupuncture sessions, colon hydrotherapy, and herbal treatments to promote detoxification and bring his body back to balance. Not knowing if there was a doctor willing to take the risk of removing the bullet, I began training under Brenda as a colon hydrotherapist and became I-ACT certified to help treat Steven. I soon became aware of the importance of a healthy and clean digestive system, how essential detoxifying the body is, and the power of beneficial microflora (probiotics) and digestive enzymes. Balance is the key to the health and functionality of all body systems. Brenda urged me to start making probiotic-rich foods and drinks; hence, Ancient Awakenings was born. We knew this was the way to true health and longevity! After months of treatments, legal battles, and searching; we finally found a neurosurgeon in Savannah, GA willing to remove the bullet, which was a wonderful success! 

We have become passionate about natural health and ancient healing methods because we have experienced their absolute results. We have immersed ourselves into the field of alternative remedies and want others to be aware of the many paths to reach holistic wellness.

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